Some sites not collecting stats

Hi all,

I installed piwik on Friday and setup 5 different sites. Two of the sites are working with no issues - one of the sites I think I am missing a couple pages which is why it is off - but the other two sites are not collecting anything. It shows no visits, I have tried from several different computers, in different browsers, and nothing is reporting. One of the sites is asp 2.0 and one is 1.1, and for the sites that are working - one is asp 2.0 and one is 1.1…

I am out of ideas on why these two sites won’t report in…

Any help is appreciated.

We made some changes to workaround a bug in IIS4/5. You might want to try out the 0.4.1rc1 release candidate

I am using Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0, would this still apply?

Probably not, as Microsoft reportedly fixed the problem in IIS6. (i.e., POSTing without a script name).

What version of Piwik are you using? If your pages are in XHTML, you’ll want to use at least Piwik 0.4.

I am using version 0.4 - just downloaded and installed on Friday - no previous versions of Piwik

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Check the tracking code has been added correctly. Watch out for unintentional line breaks, putting it in the wrong place (e.g., after the ), adding ‘index.php’ to pkbaseurl, etc.

Also, check your server’s access logs to see if there’s a request to piwik.php for those site IDs. Test it manually from your browser to make sure it isn’t being rejected by the web server – enter the hostname and path to piwik.php in your browser’s address bar, e.g.,

I had the index wrong on the last two sites - I must have copied the tag incorrectly on the site. For some reason the stats didn’t start showing until today - but they are working now!

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: