Some custom dimension data is not displayed

Hi everybody,
currently we are experiencing strange behavior regarding the evaluation of custom dimensions. We have created two custom dimensions in Matomo and send them correctly on our website within the Matomo page view request (see #1 in image below). In the visitor profile of my test user the values are correctly shown as additional view parameters (see #2 in screen). However, this data is not displayed in the view of the custom dimension “Page Name” itself (see #3 in image below). Strangely enough, there is still data from other users that seem to have been processed correctly by the system (see #4 in image below).

What could be the reason that some of correctly sent data is not appearing in the evaluation although they are correctly shown in the visitor profile? Currently, this behavior causes a delta of about 20% between all page views in general and page views with custom dimension values set, although the parameters are sent with the page view request in any case.

The following things have already been done, but always lead to the fact that the values can not be found:

  • Testing with different browsers
  • Testing of different target pages (blog posts, wiki articles, …)
  • In the custom dimension view (“Page Name”):
    • Search without and with search term
    • Manual search for values by sorting and pagination

Many thanks for the help in advance,

Attached the image:

I am also facing a similar issue. Looking for some solution :confused: