[SOLVED] Piwik stopped tracking / Actions > 'There is no data for this report.' (Piwik 2.15.0)


Dear Forum,

a few days ago without anyone making changes to Piwik the Actions tab is now showing
’There is no data for this report.'
for all our pages. The data is there, the Dashboard, Visitors and Referrers section all show reports.

We generate reports via console core:archive, it always completes with no errors. Turning on logging with DEBUG shows no errors or anything unusual. We turn on Archive reports from browser, still nothing only showing … no data.

As far as our logs show, last update to piwik was in December, no change to the system since then.

Where is a starting point to analyze this issue? Any way to query the database to check if the report exists but maybe just can’t be found or displayed, any way to check if the Actions Plugin Archiver is working correctly?

Anything at all :wink: commercial support welcome! We need to get this fix and re-installation is not an option.

Regards Mike

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Mike, this is a very unusual problem. Could you try upgrade to our 2.16.0 beta? I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

If you still have the issue, I’m not sure how to troubleshoot further… do you see URLs tracked correct in Visitors > Visitor log? do you see Page titles in actions> Page titles?


Dear Matthieu, thank you for your response,

Visitors > Visitor log, yes i see all visitor for every site (16 in total)
Actions > Page titles gives the There is no data for this report. for every page

The breakdown occurred on 21 Jan

On 20 Jan; Actions > Page tiles; report is shown
On 21 Jan; Actions > Page tiles; no data for this report

I force the reports to be created again for all of Jan, setting global.ini.php

always_archive_data_period = 1;
always_archive_data_day = 1;

and running

./console core:archive --force-idsites=3 --force-all-periods=3600 --url=http://piwik.sabay.com

same result, 20 has the report under actions, 21 does not.

Upgrade to 2.16.0 i am not sure if i can authorized BETA in production, we have 220 mill records, adding 1mill a day. I know right now its a bit useless :wink: but upgrade may has other issues, and at least for now we still have all the records added correctly, so if the issue is fixed we should have the report.

Can you help identify where should i look for the report so i can compare 20 and 21 narrow down if perhaps the Actions Plugin Archive.php is doing its job, or perhaps there is wrong data in the database that could be cleaned. Maybe there is broken records that prevent a new record to be added, just guessing at this point.

Should i delete the report table for Jan and rerun the Archiver? will that do something else then forcing --force-all-periods on console?

Regards Mike


Love your new forum, fantastic design.

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

Do you see the page urls and Page titles correctly tracked in Visitor Log? if so, then it really should work and I’d be confused… Yes, deleting the archive_* tables for January might help - does it when you try?


Oh, i just noticed your meaning going back and forth , under Visitor Log, it shows the visitors BUT it does not show the titles!! I apologies for not noticing this the first time when you raised the issue.

So the information are not tracked, so the reporting is correct :wink: but the tracking is wrong. Visitor Log also says action is 0 for every visit. i see sometime on 20 in the afternoon tracking of the actions stopped.

So that is a completely new direct in my investigation, do you have some advice where to start?

Regards Mike


okay the problem has been found, rather simple we run out of INT space … ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=2147483647 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 |

Same issue as described here Log_link_visit_action.idlink_va int field limit reached

We are now changing the table to bigint after that it should work again. I will report back when the alter table has finished.

I hope this will not break future updates, perhaps a solution can be found to implement this change before version 3.0

Thank you for your help,
Regards Mike

(Matthieu Aubry) #8

Good to know - FYI we will fix these integer overflow issues in Piwik 3.0.0 see: Integer overflow: how to track more than 2 billion actions with PiwiK? · Issue #3288 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Visitor log showing visitors, but no actions

After converting the piwik_log_link_visit_action.idlink_va to BIGINT piwik start working again as expected.