[Solved] piwik behind pound (ipfire)


I’m searching for a long time … but I can’t find a response. May be there is the solution … but I can’t understand !

I have a small network for my family’s use (8 peoples): a firewall (IPFire 2.13 (i586) - core67) with 4 areas (red, orange, blue, green). In the orange’s area, I have 2 PCs with LAMP on ubuntu (12.04) for personal’s blogs with piwik 1.11.1.

I have web sites on the server #1 and on the server #2 with different urls. I use pound on the IPFire firewall as reverse proxy.

The problem is : in piwik, I only have the IP of the orange interface ( … so I haven’t all the others informations : country, IP, …

Could you help me ? (I’m not a professionnal !)


I found some interesting informations … may-be ?

1/ pound uses HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR … so pound is a “standard reverse proxy”

2/ I had problems with some adresses …
while searching, I found Pound Secure Reverse Proxy Tutorial @ Calomel.org that explains how pound works with x-forwarded-for .
Calomel explains that it’s better to add HeadRemove “X-Forwarded-For”

see you soon