[Solved]No super user access


First of all, thanks for piwik it’s really amazing to use it.

But i have a little problem. The friste site i register with piwik when i install it doesn’t need to be use, so in super use mode i delete it, but after that, when i try to connecte with my super user account, i can’t.

No error message display and no message in log file.

I try to create in database the site with the ID 1 but that doens’t change anything

Is there a solution for this please ?}]

Piwik not really designed to work without websites, delete your Piwik database & config/config file and do the install again

Sorry i forgot something, i have other sites follow by my piwik, the only one i delete is the one asked when the wizard installation ask. And then no acces with the super user account

what happens when you click login? come back to login screen?

have you tried “password reset” link?

Yes, when i click login i came back to login screen.

I try to reset my password, i have the mail, i can change the password, but after that nothing change

Go into your database and execute the following query, replacing X by the id of the site that you deleted.

DELETE FROM piwik_option WHERE option_name like '%\_defaultReport' AND option_value = 'X';

Thanks, thanks, and thannnnnks, i didn’t delete the value, i modify it by one of the other site and wondferfull i can login again :slight_smile:

Thanks really for helping me !!!

Nice Anthon!