[SOLVED. NO BUG] Wrong PHP version in System Check section


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I am running Piwik with PHP 5.5 as fcgi process. In the System Check section Piwik shows PHP version > 5.3.3. Although PHP 5.5 is active (phpinfo). Why does Piwik picks up a wrong php version?


It’s telling you that your PHP version is greater than 5.3.3. Therefore, there is no error here.


@canajun2eh: Thank you for your reply. I see. This make sense. :wink:

However it is kind of confusing. I was expecting Piwik shows the active PHP version. Why is it important to display a PHP version that is greater than 5.3.3?


Recent versions of Piwik require PHP to be greater than version 5.3.3. Soon the version requirement will be changed to require an even more current PHP version.

If your server is running PHP older than 5.3.3 (or whatever the new requirement will be), you’ll see an error flag beside that line in the system check. They’re not bothering to tell you what PHP version you’re running because, presumably, you already have that information. The message is simply identifying the minimum system requirements.


Thank you. This fully answered my question.