Solved (new installation not tracking [edit] properly)


Hi Friends,
I’ve just finished installing Piwik, but it doesn’t seem to be tracking my visits (or any visits yet). I do see where I can ask for a cookie and not have my visits tracked. And I will do that later. But for now, I want them tracked so I know it’s working. And it doesn’t seem to be working.

I’ve been using the manual through the installation process, so I’m pretty sure I did everything right. Although I could have missed something, or misunderstood something. I’ve been through all the options on the Settings page, but it still doesn’t seem to recognize my visits.

I do use Firefox’s DoNotTrack plugin, and I thought that was the problem. But even after allowing Piwik via the plugin’s interface, it still isn’t picking up my visits.

I’ve looked at various pages on the site, and I see the js code in the source code. (I used SMF’s Global Headers/Footers mod to apply the js.) And that’s about all I can think of, to try and solve the problem.

Can you all suggest what I might be able to do, to get it working? I’m not sure what info you might need from me. The server is cPanel, the site is an SMF forum with Tiny Portal mod. And I’m using Firefox on Win7, 64-bit. All current on updates. Any other info you need, please ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

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Oh sorry, I just found this Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo.

I’ll go through that, and if I still can’t fix it, I’ll reply again and let you know.


Ok, I’ve gone through the whole FAQ and didn’t find anything that might be causing the problem.

One think I’m not clear about though, is in the 1st item “Incorrect tracking code”. I don’t know where in the code the proper URL of my site should be. I don’t see any “localhost” or “” anywhere in it, so I’m assuming it has the proper URLs in the proper places. Should I paste the code into a reply, so you can check it?

Other than that – I am viewing today’s date and my site (the only one I set to be tracked).
– I don’t even know what a Cron is, so don’t think I’m using one.
– not using 3rd party plugin
– I have tracking allowed in Firefox’s DNT plugin
– No visits are reported in Visitor Log, and no databases are showing any visits
– I’m testing with javascript enabled
– I don’t see any red X or broken image icon…actually, I’m not sure how Firefox handles a broken image. I’ll look into that and report back.
– Don’t think my host uses mod_security
– Don’t have http set up (yet, if I decide to)
– it’s brand new js code
– brand new installation of current version
– no mentions in webserver error log

So let me check on the 1x1 transparent pixel thing. I think I have Ff set not to tell me about broken images. So maybe we’ll get some helpful info there.


Well I can’t figure out what’s going on with Firefox and broken images. The controls I was thinking about have been removed recently. However, I don’t see any kind of “broken image icon” so I’m assuming the transparent pixel is appropriately displayed.

But some good news. I do have 1 visitor logged now, although it’s not me. But my SMF data indicates I’ve had 3 visitors (edit 4+). So only one of them was logged. And I know the 3rd visitor allows tracking, because I had Piwik installed for me on another site, and I was tracking my site from my friend’s Piwik installation (until I could get it installed on my site). So I know the 3rd visitor should be being logged. But I don’t know what’s different about my installation, that’s causing this problem.

The javascript code is deployed using SMF’s Global Headers/Footers mod. And I simply replaced the code from my friend’s Piwik installation with the code from my new installation. So I don’t understand what the problem is. (And I’m guessing the reason I can no longer access the settings from my friend’s installation is because I removed their code. So I can’t look it up and compare to mine.)

Any ideas what I can do to get all visits logged?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve set up GeoIP PHP (with GeoLiteCity). And I even found the DoNotTrack plugin and deactivated it, thinking that should allow my visits to be tracked. But still, my piwik installation is picking up less than half the visits that my friend’s installation was picking up. I might be willing to believe that my visitor count crashed the moment I installed piwik, if it was counting my own visits. But it’s not.

I honestly don’t know where else to look. If anyone has any ideas what might be the problem, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Problem solved. Close topic please.


It would be helpful if you were to give a brief summary of what the problem was and what was done to correct it.