[Solved] Move Matomo to another folder


I would like to move the folder of the application from statistics.mysite.com/matomo to statistics.mysite.com, but when I do so, I get the following Fatal Error:

A fatal error occurred

Please contact the system administrator, or login to Matomo (mysite/?module=Login) to learn more.
If you are Super User, but cannot login because of this error, you can still troubleshoot further. >Follow these steps:

  1. open the config/config.ini.php file and look for the salt value under [General] .
  2. edit this current URL you are viewing and add the following text (replacing >salt_value_from_config by the salt value from the config file):

I tried the method mentioned but it does not work. The DB used is a clone of the working one, just the DB name has been modified. It has been updated it in the config file too.

Thanks for your help!

Ownership of some files had shifted due to a script.
Worked fine after changing back to the correct owner.