[SOLVED] Missing massive data since updating to 2.7.0!

Hi all!

I updated my piwik automatically as usual and normyl it works all fine.
Both upgrades (i’ve read that we havew to update twice this time) have done thru and no errors accured.

But then after i logged in to my piwik i’bve noticed that i am
missing all data since 23.08.2014 for all sites after updating to 2.7.0 !

Help, thanks!

Are there any errors occuring in you PHP error log?
Did you hav a look in the log_visists table? Are there new visits being tracked?

Also check you setup auto archiving which may help: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi both … thanks for helping, found the “problem”:

Using archive.php sind years and cronjobed it once an hour. Working since months, but of course i never read the output (emails), after a cronjob is triggered. But now i did and BAM … :

Havn’t noticed this change in months :frowning:

Gonna try the new thing and will see if it works again.

Ok, now i found time to change the cronjob but it seems there is a problem?!

Someone can maybe help me and tell me what following means:

  Too many arguments.  
core:archive [--url="..."] [--force-all-websites] [--force-all-periods[="..."]] [--force-timeout-for-periods[="..."]] [--skip-idsites[="..."]] [--force-idsites[="..."]] [--force-periods[="..."]] [--force-date-last-n="..."] [--force-date-range[="..."]] [--concurrent-requests-per-website[="..."]] [--disable-scheduled-tasks] [--accept-invalid-ssl-certificate] [--xhprof]

Anyone can help? Thanks!

Using the recommended new cronjob (see below) and getting the above shown error message.

U can find where PHP using this command

whereis php

you forgot to put – double dashes before --url

This looks interesting:

Using this ‘archive.php’ script is no longer recommended. Please use ‘/path/to/php /home/whatever/console core:archive url=http://whatever.com/’ instead. If you cannot use the console because it requires CLI try ‘php archive.php – url=http://your.piwik/path

As we appear to have a similar problem (missing all data since upgrade to 2.7.0) and also are using archive.php this might also be an explanation for our problem.
Unfortunately we have no access to the php error log (I asked the provider - nope) and also have no CLI. We use an external “web cron” that calls an url instead of a real internal server cron. Therefore I cannot configure an email with the response, but I suspect the contents would be identical.

What I do not understand is:
“If you cannot use the console because it requires CLI try ‘php archive.php – url=http://your.piwik/path’”
This looks to me as if this is just a console command.
But how must the archive job be called if the cron replacement has to use an url and avoid calling archive.php?

For the URL version then it’s OK to use archive.php as this is still the recommended way (and internally it will use core:archive command)

so if you use 2.7.0 it should work - load the page to check for yourself that data is archived?

No, unfortunately data is not being archived anymore since upgrade to 2.7.0 .
This is just my problem.

Hoster say that cron url output ends with:

ERROR [2014-10-01 20:20:21] [4d6f6] The Piwik URL
http://my.domain.net/piwik/index.php does not seem to be pointing to
a Piwik server. Response was '
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory
                                  climulti:request [url-query]   '.

He suspects that this might result from a wrongly configured MySQL socket.
But that is only a guess.

Hi matt,

thanks, this solves the issue! (tu)

The problem was that this error is “piwik made” as the original error message you receive while using the “old” archive.php brings up the command WITHOUT the double dashes … see here:

You should add the double dashes into the error message to prevent such threads like mine here :smiley:

Thanks again and [SOLVED]