[Solved] Missing data older then 30 days

EDIT: For some reason the data are available today,… Maybe invalidating reports wasn’t done with recalculating. Sorry.


on on of our matomo pages we are missing all data older then 30 days.
We don’t have configured a data retention or automatic deletion. For some reasons the other websites (on same matomo instances) are working fine.
There are no (obvious) differences between the other sites. The only thing we did the last week was to use the cli commands to restart a heatmap and take a new screenshot.

Any ideas what could be the reason for it?
I tried the “invalidate reports” plugin without success



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What was the reason for the error? Does any of these things support to a novel reading site ?

To be honest I’m note sure. My sugesstion was that the “invalidate reports” was not fully finished so that’s why it was working some hours later

Oh That’s great. Best of luck