[SOLVED] Login page serves mixed http/https content

Piwik login page is loading mixed (insecure) display content - image when trying to connect to HTTPS:

Page source shows image link is to HTTP: rather than HTTPS:

                                <a href="http://piwik.org" title="Open analytics platform">
                                                <img src='http://stats.EXAMPLE.com/plugins/Morpheus/images/logo.svg' class="default-piwik-logo" title="Open analytics platform" alt="Piwik"/>

I just noticed this because of the system message. Unfortunately Safari just silently reverts to http.

Force redirect to SSL does not work as it simply loops and fails.

Using NGINX without proxy. Tried updating to latest beta hoping that it might fix the problem, but it did not.



Typo in my config.

assume_secure_protocol = 1

Corrected and now it works