So, Piwik 1.8 was a security update?

The today’s newslatter says (as the last item in the list): “This version also contain critical security improvements…”. I’m a bit surprised that this is not stated in the title or at the beginning of the newsletter.

I know, I’m not paying for anything, so I sure don’t want to demand anything! But following the first sentence on Security - Analytics Platform - Matomo (“Security is a top priority at Piwik.” ) I think there should at least have been a post on the security blog. Is there something else I can subscribe to to get notified of security updates? Because 1.8 seems to be out since last week.

I’m responsible for updating several Piwik installations, so it would be nice to know which updates I should do immediately and which can wait.

The release 1.8is marked as critical in the changelog: Changelog Archive - Analytics Platform - Matomo

we recommend keeping track of the changelog as it contains all info of security fixes

Thank you, matt. That’s helpful. I had only subscribed to the security RSS feed because it is mentioned first at Security - Analytics Platform - Matomo and it sounded like either of the feeds would be enough.

Good point, we don’t really update this one as often as we should, changelog is safer