Slow Dashboard for SharePoint 2019


We have set up Matomo for our SharePoint 2019 environment on a dedicated server (4 CPU Cores @2.30Ghz, 8 GB RAM, HeidiSQL)
We started tracking user activity since February and got ca. 500k page views per month. The server itself is a VM, and only SSDs are used.

Problem: the Matomo default Dashboard seems to load very slowly. When the period is set for 1 day it is still manageable, but any data for a week or more takes several minutes to load. And that is just for one single Matomo user. CPU of the server is at 100%.

Is there something that we are missing besides increasing server capabilities?

Looking forward to your answers, Cheers.


Do you by chance have browser archving enabled in Matomo? It might cause reports to be regenerated when viewing instead of simply displaying the ones that were created with the cronjob.

Hi Lukas,
Just checked and Browser archiving was indeed enabled. We’ll disable it, let the cronjob do its work and report, whether this helps.


Update: so far, this seemed to have improved performance tremendously. Thanks

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