SiteSearch Plugin, Binding Data


first of all i want to say that i think piwik is progressing very nicely and its great that it continues to be opensource - thanks for that.

Now to my problem, i already posted it in the german section but got no response at all so i am trying again here - sorry for that.
I cant believe that not more people are stressing this issue because it remains the key aspect where google analytics is just superior to piwik - i am talking about the tracking of integrated search modules/masks, where your visitors can search for a specific topic/fact/news etc on your site. something that is very important when evaluating your site structure, how to improve layout, marketing purposes etc etc…
There is an really old ticket here: Plugin Internal search tracking - search analytics reports · Issue #5469 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub almost 3 years old, with a link to a plugin developed by a user: GitHub - BeezyT/piwik-sitesearch: SiteSearch Plugin for Piwik that is apparently doing exactly what iam looking for but i cant get it running and its seems that its discontinued - although vipsoft moved it into the incubator.
anyway, i installed it etc and when logged in into my account i can see the sitesearch tab under settings.
my search-urls look like this:[section]=2.&tx_ansearchit_resOverview[sWord]=kalender

with tx_ansearchit_resOverview[sWord]=kalender
as the GET variable and “kalender” as an example for a search term.

i used:
/suche.html as “search url” and
tried really any possible combination like [sWord] as “searchparameter”

I tried really alot of different things, escaping various brackets, testing pregmatch function in a local test environment etc but i cant seem to get it working. in the end i always get the following error:

"Piwik # open source web analytics
Invalid binding name “:results"
Go to Piwik”

which does not provide any help or something i can succesfully google at all. in the process
my java knowledge is really limited and i would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction how to solve this issue. i played around with this for some hours now :confused:

thank you very much

I can’t help, I recommend posting a shorter buf description in the ticket itself or email the person because he won’t read it here.

It is now possible to track internal searches on your websites, with Piwik Site Search Analytics available as of Piwik 1.9. You can even track “No Result Keywords” and Search categories if your website supports it. It also lists the pages most clicked on search results.