Sitesearch Email-Report Bug

Hello everyone,

i just want to test the water before opening a new ticket, which i got told to do here: click

short version:
automated pdf reports do not include sitesearch related reports.

long version:
i know this may be a bit detailed - but please bear with me :stuck_out_tongue:
since the automated mailed reports did not work for me i have a custom setup. i let piwik create the reports but not send them through the application itself and instead use a short selfwritten script to do that via crontab. i apologize for the german screenshots.

the email report job configuration in the piwik dashboard:

crontab entry and the “short script” (please dont bash my mediocre coding skills :wink: ):

the index and the footer of the pdf that arrive via this job every monday morning around 8:00 am :

the sitesearch reports are missing and the pdf is 29 pages long.

if i log into the dashboard, look at the email report configuration and click download instead i get the following pdf. Its a totally different one including only the last sunday. But still, the sitesearch reports are there and the pdf is now 3 pages longer = 32 pages :

i dont know how this bug may be related in any way to the fact that i do not let piwik mail the reports and instead use this ugly workaround. I cant rule it out, though.

Anyone else experiencing something similar? Any thoughts? :wink:

Thanks for reading the whole thing.