Site visits down to ~25-30 % since update to 1.2

Other than the other similar reports here, I’m not receiving no data anymore, but the numbers are down to ~25-30 % of what I had before the update to 1.2.

I run Google Analytics in parallel, but their data doesn’t show any significant changes.

So there is no doubt that something went wrong with the update to 1.2, which itself ran smoothly.

have you tagged all pages with both GA and Piwik script? piwik was overcounting a bit in 1.1.1 so lower visitors maybe expected. It should be similar to GA numbers though

Yes, the difference between GA and Piwik numbers was very minimal before the update. Now, since the update, GA numbers are 3-4 times as high as the Piwik numbers.

I changed nothing in the tracking codes, and it’s the same pages which get tracked by both GA and Piwik.

Do you use third party plugins? please disable them all. Check your error logs


I´m facing the same problem, after upgrade piwik to 1.1.1 my last visits
decreased. For example before update to 1.1.1 one day I had 25,000 visits
now I have 2,500 visits.

Raphael Milani

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