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our search engine has logic such that if there is only one match for a search, you are taken directly to that page.

how should logging be done to facilitate this system?

it seems like the way site search works, is that the page following a search is assumed to be a search result page. is that correct?

thanks for this great suite of tools!


By default piwik recordes a site search, when there ist a param like “s”, “search”, “q”, etc. present in the url:

Maybe you can also use the ways described in the two paragraphs following the one I linked to.


Please check the attached screenshot,
The scenario here is for a single visitor who browsed through the pages of the website.
Later the user search using the first keyword in the screenshot and exits the site but the %search exits is 0% but actually it should be 100%(Please correct me if i am wrong). Later the user again visits the site and search using the keywords in the screenshot and exits the site and still the %search exits is 0%.
Please suggest me where am i going wrong and i am using " Javascript trackSiteSearch() function" for site search tracking.

Thank You…

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

On the Site Search page, do not call trackPageView() in the normal piwik javascript tracker code. In the site search page, only call trackSiteSearch()


Thank You very much it worked…


i am bumping this as i have not yet found a sufficient answer.

the way my site backend works is that if only 1 search result is found, a search results page is not shown, and the user is taken directly to the requested page.

the way piwik interprets site search, is that the page returned by a search is assumed to be a search results page.

right now, the only workaround i can think of is to insert a fake action indicating a search result page when a user does a site search that would take them directly to the requested page instead of search results.

any better ideas?