Site Search without a new page view

I’m trying to send site search tracking events for my site. My search feature is dynamic, i.e. the results are shown on the same page as the search, and it doesn’t use query parameters. There’s just a search input field, and typing dynamically updates the resulting list of articles underneath.

I’ve looked at these docs about the trackSiteSearch() function, which say:

Calling the function will record the search keyword, search category, and the count of results on the search result page. This can be used on Search Results pages, instead of calling piwikTracker.trackPageView().

If I understand correctly, it needs to be called instead of trackPageView() because trackSiteSearch() also registers a page view.

But how can I track a search without a page view? Should I use “classic” events instead of the trackSiteSearch() function? This would mean that I couldn’t view them in the site search reports, however. What’s the recommendation for this use case?

Exactly same is happened with me on Best Recurve bow 2020. Feature of Search is Dynamic everytime whenever I did it… If you have solution then tell me also please …

I don’t have a solution for this yet, unfortunately :confused: I stopped using trackSiteSearch() because of this, I’ll probably look into it again in the future. Happy to hear about any solutions you come up with as well!