Single tracking code - two domains



Here is my issue:

Piwik does an exceptional job tracking users through my site until it gets to the page where they can actually make a purchase. The ‘Buy’ button on the product page is javascript which I understand that piwik cannot track when clicked. This Buy button takes the user to the ecommerce portal, which is a different domain that is https but which has the same styling as the previous page. I have installed the same piwik code on both sites, however when they land on the ecommerce page, piwik does not register them as arriving (in fact piwik has never tracked any users to the ecommerce pages). I have thought of setting up a new website in piwik and using the new tracking code for the ecommerce site, but if at all possible I would like to see this data on the same piwik portal as the main site. But at the very least I just need to get some analytics for the ecommerce side of things.

One other piece of information that might be useful: the ecommerce side of things is a web app. Thanks!


Could be that the server your Piwik installation is hosted on doesn’t support https? Check this part of the FAQ: General - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Great, thanks for the info. I am going to follow this advice through and see where it gets me.