Single piwik for several websites with subdomains invokes


I want to achieve the following:

What I suppose to do:

  1. Make a folder httpdocs/piwik in the httpdocs (as I have for other websites. They located at httpdocs/site1 httpdocs/site2 and so on) or use a root folder / on a separate hosting account.
  2. Have,, pointed to this piwik location
  3. Install piwik from, then add the two rest websites via control panel. <- Some doubts about this. Piwik doesn’t have a general url, it does (have to) all three subdomains all together.

Question - doable? Do I get the custom js-code with apporproate subdomain conatined for each website? Can I login in control panel via any of the subdomains?

In short, the goal I want to achieve: single piwik installation for all websites, each website has its own subdomain js-code, each website has its own login to piwik.