Single page sites (jquery mobile/sencha) how to integrate Piwik?

Hi All,

I tried searching the forum for this topic - but it’s possible I don’t know the correct terms :slight_smile:

Jquery Mobile and Sencha Touch use a single page to hold all of the content for a website. ie. clicking links on these sites would show or hide the specific content of these virtual pages dynamically.

I’m not sure how to integrate piwik into a site like this? I would like tracking for each of these virtual pages. Is there a method to do this? Any pointers or tips would be really helpful.


Yes of course, you can use trackPageView( customPageTitle) in the JS APi

see more information about the jS api on

I have read the docs javascript information but I still do not understand how and where to insert the code that is mentioned on the document. As an example if I wanted to Manually Trigger a Page View on Click or on JS Event I am told to enter:

Freedom page

My question is where do I enter this code and what do I change to track clicks?

If I want to know everytime someone clicks on the about me page where would that go in the above recommended link?

What do I replace in the original script that is already there or do you just add to the orginal script?

If you add to where do you place this addition?

Thanks in advance.