Showing real time statistics of a single page

Hello, Piwik Community, hope to spend a great time here :slight_smile:

Let’s assume that I have a website on It’s a game generator, consisting of a single main page (containing the generator) and a lot of pages, each one containing a generated game. Their adresses are something like:
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Now, for every such page, with a generated game, I would like to have another page, presenting realtime stats about the game. This page would have an URL similar to:

I would like to place there information about:

  • how many people play the game with a given ID (= how many people are currently on the game’s page),
  • user visits during last day,
  • Piwik’s realtime map,

The thing is, I would like all these stats to refer only to a single page - Create Your Website for Free —

Is it doable with Piwik? If it’s not perfectly doable, which parts could be done with Piwik?

Thank You in advance for any advices,

it is possible. You can either create a website in piwik for each game, or use custom variables (to set the game used for your visitors and pages), and use it with custom segmentation (to only show stats for a given game).

If you need help, we have done this kind of integration several times so feel free to get in touch you need someone to build it for you: Development for Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo