Showing number of downloads under each file

Can i show the number of downloads under each file?
Downloaded 341 times

Or the information can be accessed only via the control panel?

Of course you can, with the Piwik API :

thank you very much.

I found the code you wrote, but i don’t know how to use it, as there is no examples provided.

This code should be written in an html page or a php one or what?

I found an example in the API reference page:[0]=method%3DVisitsSummary.get%26idSite%3D1%26date%3D2012-03-06%26format%3Djson%26period%3Dday&urls[1]=method%3DVisitorInterest.getNumberOfVisitsPerVisitDuration%26idSite%3D1%26date%3D2012-03-06%26format%3Djson%26period%3Dday

My question is: does this need to go into a div tag for example in my web page? or where should we write the API.

Sorry if the question seems novice, but i checked both the API reference page and API quick documentation but could not understand.

Thank you very much.