Showing hierarchies of URLs and Page titles

(afishler) #1


I am probably missing something as I am new to Piwik…but here it is.

On the demo I see the report on pages by URL or title. I see that the URLs and titles have hierarchy in the display which is great.

What I am not sure is how to I achieve this through the tracking. I am about to use tracking by constructing the URLs myself and not via JS.

On the trackPageView option I see that there is only a site id parameter and document title.

How do I specify a URL for tracking in order to make it hierarchical?
For example if I have h-t-t-p://site/category and h-t-t-p://site/category/product - how do I set it up in the tracking parameters so the product appears under category. The track pageview action does not seem to have a url parameter

Also - how does the document title should be passed to provide hierarchy in the reports - separated by / - like “category” and “category/product” as parameters?

Thank you.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Yes the / character is used to create hierarchies.