Show URL on Page Titles

(piwikeval) #1

Hello, it would be very helpful if the page URLs are shown on the Actions / Page Title view; similar to how it is shown on the Actions / Pages view (and vice-versa).

It would help to easily cross-reference pages where the URLs may not be SEO friendly and self-evident.


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Do you mean this?
Customize the page name displayed in Piwik

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(piwikeval) #3

skarweb, interesting … it appears that that would accomplish it but I was really hoping for a solution that did not require changing tracker code. Especially because it is already being displayed for one of the default views.

Tell me if I am misinterpreting and there actually is a way to do this without changing tracker code.


(vipsoft) #4

That would only work if there was a 1-to-1 relationship between URL and page titles.