Show goals in a widget in the Dashboard


We are building an application, in which we want to show our final users a panel with some statistics from Piwik. We have inserted the Piwik dashboard in our application, but we see that there is no widget to show the goals.

We have tried to include the Goals panel in the application, and it works, but it has the “add new Goal” and “Edit” controls, and we not want that our users can see them.

Is there any way to add a widget to the Dashboards to show the goals and their graphics? Or perhaps there is a way to remove the edit controls of the Goals panel (and the descriptive text that appears at the bottom of this panel)?


that’s part of the Goals plugin improvement list at:

also in the live plugin you will see - if a goal reached for the last 10 Visitors…

Ok, then. Until the new widget is available, we will use a workaround: include the whole “goals” panel in our application, in a different block in the page, and patch the piwik source code to hide some controls of this panel, when it is included in our page.

Thanks a lot.

You can also patch the official Goals plugin to add your requested feature and submit us the patch :slight_smile: we are very much welcoming any patch. thanks!…wtosubmitapatch