Show accessed pages based on the geolocation


Hi guys,

I came across piwik analytics platform a couple of days ago while i was looking for something that will help me with a project.

Basicly we help our customers with promo campaigns, designing, coding and implementing promotional campagins. One thing that it’s missing is an analytics platform that could provide for each website what pages have been accessed by Country, County and City.

As an example: a promotion is made for 5 cities from the same County, and my customer is requesting a report from he can see for every city what pages have been accessed. In order for me to provide this i would need to be able to select a city and a list to be of the generated with the links of the pages that have been accessed, along with the number of visitors (new and returning), number of visits, it would be great if it can show the hours, what devices have been used, what browser and so on.

My question is, would Piwik help me out this way in order to have a full report based on Country, County and City?

I am asking this because i am not able to figure it out from the demo where it’s only data for anonymous login and also even if i installed in on my server, there is no data yet.

I would really appreciate a quick answer from somebody who already work with Piwik and can tell me if i can get it to work based on my needs.

Really appreciate it,

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(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Bogdan,

In Piwik you can get any report segmented by a country, or city, or any other dimension. For this you need to use the Segments feature, see: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo