Shopify vs Magento vs ? for e-commerce?

Hello everyone,
I’m a machine learning engineer trying to work on a front-end web side project. I can code but I’m a noob with webdev. I’m trying to gauge the best way to create a basic simple multi-vendor e-commerce. It needs:online spanish class

Standard Stuff:

  • Registration flow for store-owners
  • Store creation and management
  • Inventory creation and management
  • Product pages, payments and checkout flow

Special Stuff:

The ‘products’ range from appointments to digital content to donations. So, there needs to be:

  • Ability to schedule appointments for digital services
  • Ability to purchase and download digital content
  • Ability to donate to stores
  • Ability to leave messages in the store

Can Ignore :

VERY minimal ‘glue’ functionality for the overall platform (practically don’t need browse/search/discovery). Each store has a built-in customer base.

I’d love to use an out-of-box solution like Shopify, but I’m not sure it’s possible to create a Shopify multi-vendor marketplace where each store can take donations, let you schedule appointments, let you purchase services, etc. Is this degree of customizability too much to ask of Shopify? Do I need to use Magento or something harder?