Shopify orders <= 1000€ are being tracked as 1/1000th of their price (Germany)

Hi guys,
I am using Matomo ecommerce tracking with shopify in Germany.
Everything works fine exept for orders equal or greater than 1000€.
Those are being tracked as 1/1000th of their price.

I think it might be because shopify displays those amounts with a dot as a thousands separation (1.000,00€ - German notation).
My guess is, that Matomo treats the dot as the decimal separator instead and thereby divides the whole number by 1000.

Can someone verify if my guess is correct?
And is the an “official workaround” or a specific setting to deal with this, before I start tinkering witht the tracking code? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @SamuelMM
Values used by tracking must be values that computer languages (JavaScript then PHP and MySQL in the case of Matomo) can understand.
And you’re right, the dot is used as decimal separator in these cases! :wink:
Probably, in your page, these values come also from computer language, as prices may probably be stored in a database, and are maybe transferred through JSON or manipulated by JavaScript (to compute the basket total)… Then you must catch the price value at this time to give it to the Matomo tracker!