Shockwave Player Problem

I have a problem that only occurs when the Piwik JS script is on my pages. Every time I load/reload a page I get the following message bx with progress bar:

“Please wait while Windows configures Adobe Shockwave Player”

I allow this to complete but then on the next page (or on refersh) it is back.

I am viewing my pages through IE6 (not through choice) and am out of ideas except for taking out the Piwik JS.

uninstall shockwave player, run regclean (or another registry cleaner), and reinstall.

Adobe believes this is due to a corrupted registry entry.

We are getting this behavior from many users but not all.
A dialog box appears prompting the location for the Shockwave installer. Users are using IE6. When we remove the piwik javascript, the problem goes away.

Has anyone found a better solution than “clean the registry” ?

We’re currently discussing how to handle the ongoing plugin issues witth IE. Stay tuned.

For the time being we have done the following:

In order to stop this the JS file on the Piwik server has been modified to remove all instances of _pk_dir which is the reference for the Director (Shockwave) plugin.

The file is located at:


any updates on this issue?

We have been forced to remove Piwik from some sites cause of this IE6/adobe issue

It was a difficult decision, balancing data collection vs the user experience, but we have opted to remove Internet Explorer-specific plugin detection (using CreateObject or ActiveXObject to instantiate the plugin) in the upcoming Piwik release. I wouldn’t hold my breath but can only hope Microsoft will one day follow other browser vendors in supporting the navigator.mimeTypes collection.