Sharing segments between users as a normal user


It would save a lot of time a secure segments a cross organisation if you as a administrator or normal user could share segments.

Only Super Users are able to share segments at the moment

Looking forward to this future.

I second this comment. I wonder why sharing the segments is only allowed for Super Users?

Hi @TapioLinkosalo, @KejserSoze1982
There is 2 GitHub tickets related to this feature suggestion:

Feel free to add a comment to them or even create a PR :wink:

As a followup, a user also pointed out that she (with “write” permissions) cannot select for a new segment, whether it is calculated real-time or processed with cron. I assume it is only the latter? It would be handy for her is she could restrict the data immediately and not wait for the next cron run. Or am I missing something here?

Hi @TapioLinkosalo
As segment archiving can be resource intensive, standard users cannot decide if segment archive would be by CRON or real time…

Therefore for standard users the segments are only by cron?

Hi @TapioLinkosalo
Looking more accuracy in settings, it seems there is a configuration in the [General] section.
In my server, I set enable_create_realtime_segments=0, then real time segments are disabled.

By default, users can create Segments which are to be processed in Real-time. Setting this to 0 will force all newly created Custom Segments to be “Pre-processed (faster, requires archive.php cron)” This can be useful if you want to prevent users from adding much load on the server. Notes: * any existing Segment set to “processed in Real time”, will still be set to Real-time. this will only affect custom segments added or modified after this setting is changed. * users with at least ‘view’ access will still be able to create pre-processed segments, regardless of what this is set to.