setRequestQueueInterval() isn't working as expected

Hi Colleagues,

I’ve been using Matomo library for quite some time now and I recently implemented bulkTracking using the library. I wanted to set an interval for which duration the events will be queued and the bulk request will be sent after this interval.

I got to know that setRequestQueueInterval() can be used to set the queue interval. However, it doesn’t work like an interval but rather like inactivity time after which request is fired.

What I mean here is - If I set the timeout to be 15 seconds and if I start using the application at 4:00:00 pm and used it continuously for 1 minute, I expect that at the end of my 1 min activity, there should be 4 requests fired. However, there’s no request fired at all. Rather, there’s 1 request fired at 4:01:15 pm, i.e., after 15 seconds of inactivity from 4:01:00 pm.

is this a bug? How do I achieve my requirement? Kindly let me know. Thank you.