setDocumentTitle/setCustomURL errors

Hi there,

I am experiencing problems using ‘setDocumentTitle’ and ‘setCustomURL’ with the asynchronous API.

Using _paq.push (['setDocumentTitle'], 'Test'); within the Piwik snippet (in page head) gives me the following error in console: TypeError: Z.shift is not a function.

FF Console provides a little more data, I don’t know if it’s useful:
T() piwik.js:22
window.Piwik<() piwik.js:63

Using _paq.push (['setCustomURL'], 'http://' + + '/test/'); gives me another error, it says: TypeError: O[aa] is undefined.
FF console shows the same extra data as for the ‘setDocumentTitle’ statement.

I have tried moving the statements either before or after the ‘trackPageView’ statement, I even have disabled jQuery library and other scripts to track down possible interference, but the errors persist.

I have tested with two independent Piwik setups, both at version 2.16.1. Any hint/solution would be greatly appreciated.

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it should be:

_paq.push (['setDocumentTitle', 'Test']);
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