Set the order of columns in export


Several websites are tracked by Piwik and when I export data (for example in csv) the order of the columns are not always the same from a website to another.

For a website, I can get this :

Date | Visiteurs uniques | Visites | Actions | Actions par visite |Taux de rebond | …

And for another one, this :

Date | Nombre maximum d’actions en une visite | Actions | Visiteurs uniques |Visites | Taux de rebond | …

Is it possible to set the order of columns?


that’s quite surprising, are the same number of columns displayed each time? they definitely should be ordered. Only if there are different numbers of columns it is OK if they are different order. Let me know, or even can you reproduce on ?

Hi, Matt!

I try this on

period : 2016-05-17
This results 178 columns.

period : 2016-05-18
This results 192 columns.

The two URLS have different numbers of columns.
It is sure that the order of columns are different.
I wonder why this is such specification.
Would you please tell me what rules determine this order?

Thanks @uedatakeshi for the details. An issue was created: Columns order should not vary in exported API requests in TSV format · Issue #10186 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub