Set Piwik to 'pause' before backing up?

I want to backup my Piwik db but I also know that it has Real-Time data collection.

Should I put Piwik on some sort of ‘pause’ before backing up the database using phpMyAdmin? If so, how?

My concern is that it will corrupt the database since data will be written during the bkup process.

You can put Piwik in maintenance mode: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks Matt, there isnt an option in Piwik that I can select? I would hate to touch the code and ruin something.

Are you aware of any scripts I can install that can automatically or manually backup the db? Im surprised there are not as many posts on this on this forum. I would almost expect this issue to be a bigger issue for most webmasters.

Thanks again,

The faq indicates how to edit the config file, so you don’t need to change the code itself (config file is meant to be used for such things)

You can have several different versions of the config file (with different names, of course), and then activate the desired one by using FTP to copy and re-name the version you need to be active at any given time.

By having the pre-configured different versions of the config file available, you avoid the possibility of accidentally making an on-line change that damages the config file.