Set manually a Goal


I’m interesting to set manually a goal (in my example for Site ID = 3 and Goal ID = 1) simple opening a specific URL.

I’m reading this ticket without find any comprensible solutions. This is the example code suggested:


In my example WEBSITE_ID=3 and GOAL_ID=1 but I not understanding what is RANDOM_NUMBER and JSON_STRING in my specific case.

I try all but no goals was recorded.

Please help me to find the exact url to set a goal manually in my site.

Another question, if setting a goal simple visiting an url is possible: can this “misteryous url” be loaded by cURL or Javascript is needed: I need to set a goal during and header redirections.

I’m recently update my Piwik to version 0.4.1

Sorry for my english and thank’s at all

That ticket is about implementation internals.

You’ll want to refer to the API:

Hello vipsoft, first of all thank’s for interesting to my question.

I red this page but there is not a solution for my question.

I think that an example of what I try to say is more efficient that spend more words in an english not good.

Here is an example of that I’m speaking www DOT ecuriefape DOT com

Is there a way to track a click an google banner like a Goals?

The target of my form is the same url, the variable $banner indicate to php where it does a redirect.


See config/global.ini.php. There’s a redirect parameter you can use in outlinks (i.e., outlink_redirect_var_name.