Session Recordings

We use the session recording plug-in to check against our quote list to ascertain if users are having any particular problems. However it is very difficult to reconcile the session recordings against our list. The session recording list does not include any incremental number so once you have looked at a few recordings it is easily confused which one you have looked at. Also it is not possible to delete recording from the recording page only from the list. Very easy to delete the wrong recording.

I realise we can just save the URL in our internal system but it is not intuitive. Would it be possible to do as follows.

  1. Add button to delete from the recording page
  2. Include a serial number in the recording list. Very useful to link to internal system
  3. Add a field where we could for example enter customer name or ID. This would be displayed in the list.


Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay. I will place a ticket internally for your suggestions to be implemented. Items 2 & 3 would be a bit tricky to implement I would say. I will let you know of any feedback.