Session Recording List Sort by Date

(Paul) #1

The session recording list shows 100 records by default. If you have more than a hundred and you sort by date it’s only sorts first hundred records by date order it does not show the latest session recording first. Which is what I would expect. It would be useful to have the default order set to newest first.

(Jason) #2

Hi there,

Can you tell us your Matomo and Plugin version? The correct behaviour is as you expect.


(Paul) #3

This definitely a bug. Matomo version: 3.9.1 [HeatmapSessionRecording] (v3.2.20)
If you have more than a hundred session recordings in your list so that you have two pages. When you load the list it is sorted as you would expect i.e. latest recording first. If you scroll to the bottom and click next page. The next page loads with the oldest first. reverse order. It’s very confusing trying to work out which session recording you have just been looking at.