Session differences

I have added 2 piwik tracking tags to my sites: 1 site-specific, and one for all sites together.

On one of the sites there is a remarkable difference in outcome.

The number of sessions visits of a site specific site is higher then the “global” sessions.

If found in the Visitor logs what causes this:
In one of the one-site trackings for some visitors (very often, but not limited to, safari users) all page views are counted as a session, while the same page views in the “global” account are rightfully seen as one session.

I have piwik 1.1.1 installed.

How is it possible that sessions are counted wrong in one of piwik accounts and right in the other and is it solvable?
They have the same “tag”, only the “siteid” is different.

This is interesting, but much has changed in the tracking since 1.1.1, if you can try out the new RC release: 301 Moved Permanently that would be helpful

I now have piwik 1.2 and it seems solved.