Session Data


When is session data created?

In none of the installations of Piwik do we have a sessions folder in the tmp directory. For our PP it was storing it in the /tmp location so I changed the path in the php.ini file to reflect piwik/tmp/sessions. The sessions folder was created and given the proper rights. However, nothing goes into the sessions folder ever. And no new session data has been created since.

On our Prod servers the session folder also does not exist and the session data is not stored anywhere on the server (and no it is not currently set to go to the DB) though that is what we are going to do…but I need the session data to save properly first.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Maybe your sessions are saved in the DB? Or maybe you want to enable DB based sessions. Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo


No, I said in the post that we are going to be implementing this feature but the session data is saving in the systems root /tmp directory. I made the change in php.ini file for session.save_path=/opt/piwik/tmp/sessions so it will now save in that directory but nothing is being saved there at all. In fact there is no longer any save sessions be created anywhere. Which then brings me to my original question of how can a save session be recreated so I can ensure it is being saved in that directory so I can use the DB save feature


Hi Matts ,
Can i read Session ID .How and from where