Server performance with 4000 concurrent word press users


I want to track user statistics within an app I made on the base on word press. Usually there are no users active except there is a event going on, so the concurrent users (not logged in) can reach 4000.

I just want to track how long the users on a particular page but the time resolution must not be so exactly (polling aprox. every 1 minute)… .

What servers will do the job?

Many thanks, Denny


I can’t really give exact recommendations, but a few tips:

Take a look at and for a lot more.

I would recommend to disable browser archiving and only run a cronjob to generate all reports.

Also take a look at it can help a lot especially with short peaks.
Normally every matomo.php request executes a bit of code that handles this and then writes it in the database.

With QueuedTracking instead the request is written as-is as fast as possible either in a separate table or in redis and then e.g. every X requests you can let Matomo handle all requests in the queue.
You can also handle the work of the queue as a php-cli task.
This should help if you have a lot of requests in a short amount of time, but afterwards time to catch up with the queue.