Serious problem about Pdo_Mysql extension

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HI all
i have a big problem in installing Piwik
the error is that
"You need to enable the PDO and PDO_MYSQL extensions in your php.ini file. "
but even after i write
in php.ini i still have this problem!
and the server admin doesn’t know about Pdo_Mysql extension! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif
please help me!!!

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Your system may simply not have those extensions.

You could ask your admin to rebuild php with those extensions enabled or find another host.

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is there another way???

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Self-hosting is another option.

There are also third-parties working on (or interested in) Postgresql and MySQLi forks/ports.

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is it possible to install piwik on a server and use this for another site on another server?

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