Separate Tracker server - best practice

We setup Piwik with six servers:

  • GUI traffic
  • Tracker traffic (x2 w/ LB)
  • Report generation
  • Database (x2 w/ failover)

Sessions are stored in the database. Tracker traffic is disabled on the GUI server and the Report Generation server. We named the Tracker servers, and their load balancer, a different DNS entry than the GUI server. Any best practice on naming the servers in such a setup? The only danger we see is on the GUI server, the generated tracker JavaScript contains the DNS entry of the GUI server instead of the Tracker server, which was an easy fix.

Excellent question! Bump?

I know this is a quiet old question, but is it still of interest?
I wrote my own plugin (just a few lines) which modifies the URL to solve this problem.

Perhaps this could just be a configuration option in the Matomo config file and committed via a pull request to the codebase.

Care to share as this would resolve many situational issues?

Josh Brule already wrote another plugin for this situation:
I’m in contact with him to extend the list of snipplets covered by the plugin.