Separate opt-out for each site


I have a Piwik installation tracking about 10 websites. I use the iframe for opt-out with the CustomOptOut plugin to style the iframe for the different sites. But I have to switch tracking for the sites separately. Turning tracking off on one site shall not turn it off on another site tracked by the same Piwik instance. The idSite parameter has no impact on this issue, it’s just used for styling. Is it possible to do so?


Currently the opt-out opts out of all websites tracked in one piwik. If you need to have opt-out per website, please consider create a feature request at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hello Matt,

I’ve opened a feature request over at github. And I did the separate switch for each site already in my installation. I’d like to share my solution with you just to be safe with further updates of Piwik. Do I have to branch at github? What is your workflow with code contribution?


Hi there, see:

let me know if you have any question as we’re always looking for feedback!