Separate dashboards for different websites


I use Piwik to track my WordPress visitors and my RSS feed separately. Of course I need different widgets for my RSS tracking (like: no “search” related things), but Piwik does not allow me to use different widgets per website.

I hope this could be changed later.

I didnt understand your request can you please explain again ?

Well, yes. I can try it shortly: If you add two “sites” to your Piwik installation, both sites will have the same dashboard layout. I wish this could be changed.

I see! unfortunately not planned at the moment but thansk for the suggestion

You can do something like this by having two different login IDs, one for each of the two sites you wish to view. The dashboard is separately customizable for each userid.

Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:

Nice trick :wink:

Any updates if this feature has been made available?