Separate collection and reporting

Due to security concerns of client organizations, I need to look into a Piwik implementation that splits data collection from reporting. I’ve seen a couple of postings about this without any concrete instructions. Is there a succinct list of steps to take to accomplish this?

I’d point out that the desired end result is:
[li] Collection in DMZ and bare minimum database/tables to collect activity data. No access to activity dashboards.
[/li][li] Minimal ports open to allow scheduled transfer of activity records into LAN-based database.
[/li][li] Scheduled job to process activity logs in LAN database into long-term storage tables.
[/li][li] Activity reporting/dashboard reachable ONLY from the LAN.

Any help would be appreciated. My company is new to Piwik and is looking to make this available to many of our clients, so we have a lot of learning to do.

For this kind of requests please contact Professional Services:

Contacting professional services is fine, but that’s also a sign to me, who’s been in the professional services industry for a VERY long time, that a product isn’t ready for prime time yet. This request of mine is very common in enterprise accounts, so if this is going to require professional services, then there’s a lot of implementations that just aren’t going to happen. I regularly install Webtrends, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and Google Analytics at clients all the time and they’ve addressed these enterprise-class issues (one way or another). If Piwik wants to compete with “the big boys” there are some pretty basic issues that have to be addressed, like mine.

Anyway, thanks for the very short reply. :slight_smile: I’ve used the same response many times when I’m busy, overworked, or just couldn’t be bothered with client inquiries… “just contact our professional services team, thanks!” B)