SEO widget(s) not displaying domain age/Alexa

It’s not exactly as if this is the end of the world, but I’ve got the SEO widget configured to display (on about 8 sites) and it has always displayed a site’s Alexa ranking and the domain age (worked great). Alexa is a nutty metric, really, but I still like the widget… About 5 days ago - on virtually all of my sites - this widget stopped working. There are just dashes where it would normally display the domain age and the Alexa ranking. Just wondered if anyone else has seen this, and, why this is happening.

Thanks for any input…

Guy Merritt
Flint, MI

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I am having the same problem.

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It’s working on - so I’m not sure what the problem could be. Maybe a temporary issue?

I am having the same problem (Domain Age only) from September
Any suggestions?


As reported here, the API Matomo checks doesn’t seem to exist anymore:

And the Google part is probably blocked by Google:


Thanks for your answer
The number of indexed pages by google works fine as well as Alexa rank,

It’s only the “Domain Age” which does not work anymore from September on the domain that Matomo is monitoring (but does work on other domains when I try it manually)
For example
With the Google domain name:

My domain name:
Only domain age is not working (in September it was working fine)


You are right, the domain age check also seems broken, but it was easy to fix:

Wow that was fast!
Thanks a lot @Lukas

So i have applied the fix from there fix domain age from by Findus23 · Pull Request #13574 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

on the file
It works!
Although not with the www in front (**www.** which by default it is searching for.

at line 38 I saw that there is already a str_replace('www.', '',$domain ) to not take in count the www.
So i don’t know where this “www.” comes from but it does not bugs me anymore :wink: as I can do it manually in the field without putting the www.

EDIT: It is also working very nicely on sub-domain (like

Still very impressed by the speed of the fix
Again Thanks a lot, much appreciated

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