Selling Piwik source code with edits/add ons

(kaustic) #1


I am in this midst of creating software and the Piwik source code would be a save me hundreds of programming hours if I could use it as a module. The software I am producing would radically change the Piwick code with extensive add-ons and additional features. It will be analytic software, but not web analytic software.

I know the GPL license allows me to commercialize and sell it, but I believe I have to provide provide the source code to those who purchase it which I do not want to do. Is there anyway around this? I want my final software (built with the Piwik module included) to be proprietary and commercial.


(vipsoft) #2

Send email to hello (at) and inquire about purchasing a commercial license.

The GPL is not the same as the LGPL, so even if you offered source, you may taint your proprietary code. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know how tightly/loosely integrated Piwik would be in your proposed project. You can ask the FSF lawyer for their opinion.

(kaustic) #3

I just sent an email and hope to hear something back soon.

It MAY be possible to do something with the API that let’s me achieve what I want and have Piwik acting as the ‘kernal’ of the web based application while not modifying any core code. I am just not sure of the limitation of the Piwik API. Is there any in depth documentation?

I would need to modify how Piwik recognizes traffic/visitors. I would need to trigger traffic not by using the code snippet that would typically be inserted in a website to monitor traffic but use another API to generate all traffic activity for Piwik to generate reports with.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Piwik is released under the GPL library and is using other GPL and LGPL libraries, therefore you cannot include or modify these files to include in a proprietary software.

Also, Piwik does not offer special license to make this possible; Piwik is 100% Free Open Source software.

If the API doesn’t do everything you need, please submit your ideas, patches to Piwik to be included in core.