Segments trouble with revaeling data

Hey guys!

I am a reasonably new manager of Matomo and help my colleagues reach goals, reports from Matomo and managing their daily lives.

One of my sites uses segments to sort out their visitors to form reports.

The segments are structured like this:

Page URL - contains -


Next segment almost equivalent:

Page URL - contains -

The reason for this build-up is due to their desire to measure how many visited certain parts of the site.

That is, the measure of “thisurl” and “thaturl” and all the underlying pages.

However, it gives my Matom a challenge, as the cron job cannot generate the large amount of data it provides.

So, my question is whether there is a better way to measure visits to specific parts of the URL?

The best greetings from Morten

The new guy :slight_smile:


What data do you need, that the normal pages report doesn’t provide?

Hi Lukas

Thanks for reacting! -

The data that they look for is:
(All visits to pages with that specific “thisurl” in the full URL

All visits to pages with this specific “thaturl” in the full URL


If you just want to know, which URLs have the most visitors, etc., can’t you just use the default pages report as on Demo-Site - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo?

Hi Lukas.

Unfortunatly, that is not the case.

What we want to do is take all the views we can in the left side menu and see them with the specific segments.

That is, Visitors. visit log, realtime etc
and behaviors: entry pages etc.

The variety in these divisions. is designed in several universes, where each universe has its own part in the URL.
As so desired, sorted and displayed.

Then the only thing apart from many segments, I can think of, is that it might be possible with the Custom Reports plugin.

Witch we have but it doesn’t support the realtime thing :slight_smile: … thank you for the efford… b

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