Segments pre-processing and real-time processing yields different results

Hey all,

I am trying to understand how segment processing works. We are tracking multiple websites with Matomo, all of them via log analytics.

The website most relevant to the question has about 15-20k visits per day, ~4.5mln this year alone. We set-up a segment (let’s say, “countryCode==de”).

Now, when we set the reports for this segment to be processed in real-time, it takes ages (obviously), but yields certain results for all periods.

If we set the reports for the segment to be pre-processed, the only data I get are from since I created the segment and first set it to be pre-processed.

I tried invalidating the report data:

./console core:invalidate-report-data --sites=1 --dates=2018-01-01,2018-08-07 --segment=countryCode%3D%3Dde

And then re-generating the relevant reports:

./console core:archive --force-idsites=1 --force-periods=all --force-idsegments=16 --force-date-range=2018-01-01,2018-08-07

To no avail. Re-generation took a fair amount of time, but no additional data showed up in Matomo.

Weirdest of all, switching between pre-generated reports and those generated real-time shows me different data immediately now, without having to re-generate, or wait for real-time generation.

I am really confused here. Running Matomo 3.5.1.